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Get Rich, Lucky Bitch

IMG_1575Written by Denise Duffield-Thomas, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! is the follow up to her first self-published book Lucky Bitch. The book claims to help you “break through your money blocks and finally make the money you deserve?”. Surely that is something everyone wants?

At the beginning I was a bit sceptical. Denise focuses on Law of Attraction principles, which I am sure about. However, I thought what have I got to lose? I particularly liked Denise’s philosophy to “throw everything at it”. She wasn’t try and push you to a particular technique but was giving you a book full of things to try.

Denise’s Money Manifesting Formula in a nutshell is

  • Declutter everything in your life
  • Decide exactly what you want
  • Surround your life with positivity
  • Take inspired action
  • Receive and fine-tune

This can be used for manifesting anything, but the book focuses on MONEY!

To start you are encouraged to track every cent because “what get measured gets improved”. This makes complete sense so I printed off the tracker and started tracking every bit of money or the associated value of a freebie I received.

Denise explores the idea that rich women are portrayed as either a bitch, diva or ball breaker. I totally agree that 95% of rich women in the media are portrayed as that. So it totally makes sense that subconsciously I could be sabotaging my efforts to make money. I mean who wants to be a bitch, diva or ball breaker? Therefore, it is so important to re-write what rich women can be. As Denise says “There are many shades to wealth” and once you subconsciously believe that you will start to free yourself to make more money.

Create Big Money Goals
As a #goaldigger of course I was happy to be a money goals section. However, I was shocked when the advice was to “write your goals down everyday”. When I read this tip I thought it was a bit excessive. In fact, Denise claims that “the difference between a millionaire and billionaire is that the billionaire writes her goals down twice a day”. Right now, I would be happy with millionaire so I focused on just trying to write them down every morning.

Throughout the book there is a big focus on your mindset and challenging you to really think about your thoughts around money. For example, you are asked “What would be the worst thing that could happen if you were suddenly rich?”. The point of the exercise is for you to identify the underlying reasons why you are avoiding being rich. Then once you face the worse scenario you can address those thoughts and free them. It is all about giving yourself permission to be right now.

The reason I chose the book as a PropelHer read is because I believe it is so important for women to have financial freedom. Not necessarily the financial freedom that means you never have to work again, but you don’t have to rely on anyone else to provide for you. So I was happy to read the quote “You can’t rely on someone else to make you rich.

You can’t be rich one day. You have to start to-day”. So many people focus on being rich in the distant future that it is never going to happen. In the Upgrade Your Life Now chapter the focus is on the idea of incremental upgrades and that “When you live a life of constant but incremental upgrade, you WILL attract more money in your life”.  You are encouraged to think of an upgrade for something that currently makes you feel poor. By making that upgrade now you will feel richer.  You deserve to “live like a wealthy person now”.


Denise says that “It’s so common for woman to put unconscious limits on how much they are “allowed” to earn”. This is backed up with stories of how women have creating earning ceilings for a multitude of reasons. Identifying your ceiling and why that exists is key to breaking it! Denise also recommends that you “Surround yourself with wealth-minded women”. As we all know the people you surround yourself with have a huge influence on your life. However, I think this is particularly true with money. Wealthy women are more likely to be comfortable talking about money and this will effect you over time. Also, wealth is relative. The richer your circle the more likely you are to push yourself to increase your income.

Overall, I thought Denise raised so many important areas to think about. The book is written in a very accessible way, but everyone would get something out of answering the questions throughout. It is so counter-intuitive to think you are stopping yourself from earning/keeping more money but very likely that you are.

I read Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! as part of PropelHer’s Book Club for Ambitious Women. We will be discussing the book on Monday 5th September. For more information and to join PropelHer click here.

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