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Marketing Strategy Session

Are you overwhelmed with the options and as a result taking no action? 

Have you spent hours researching a marketing topic online, read contradicting information and just given up?

Done a group coaching programme and need some personalised support?

If so, you are in the right place and I am here to help!


Power Hour Strategy Session

A lot can happen in an hour! As a marketing strategist, I eat and breath marketing, which means it doesn’t take long for me to see where your current strategy might be letting you down and help you adjust your strategy and have you progressing quickly.

Before a Power Hour Strategy Session, you will have the opportunity to share your problem and send across materials and/or links that you would like to discuss on the call.

In a Power Hour Strategy Session, I am happy to look at any aspect of your online marketing/business strategy. Examples of previous session topics include digital marketing strategy, launch campaigns, email marketing, email list building, growing a community, review of sales funnels, social media marketing, content marketing strategy and Facebook Group strategy.

Investment: £195

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