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The Universe Has Got Your Back By Gabrielle Bernstein (Book Review)

The Universe Has Got Your Back By Gabrielle Bernstein (Book Review)

Every now and again there is a book that keeps popping up. That is how I felt about The Universe Has Your Back: How to Feel Safe and Trust Your Life No Matter What by Gabrielle Bernstein. Between Amazon constantly showing it as a recommended read and women constantly sharing how this book had changed their life I thought it was finally time to check it out. With a title including the words The Universe I thought it might be a bit woo-woo for me. However, since Gabrielle Bernstein had appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions it was worth giving the book a go.


Right at the beginning of the book Gabrielle writes:

“We give purpose to our pain, believing struggle and strife are necessary to success or lasting joy and a meaningful life, and we feel safe in a state of conflict and control”


So often we complain about how difficult life is, about the challenges we face and about the pain we feel. However, Gabrielle is suggesting that in many ways even though we feel pain with day-to-day struggles, we also feel that it is a necessary part of creating a great life.

Through the book, Gabrielle shares what she calls UNIVERSAL LESSONS

One of those lessons is that When we surrender our will to the power of the universe, we receive miracles. One of the ways Gabrielle suggests you can surrender to the Universe is “to get clear about how the stories and beliefs we carry dictate our experiences”.  All of us are telling ourselves stories and those stories have power because they have an impact on how you experience life.

One area that I definitely agreed with Gabrielle about was the topic of focus and attention. Gabrielle states that “Energy flows where your attention goes” and “What we focus on we create – be it good or bad”. I particularly liked the second point. If you complain that means you are focusing on the negative and you will keep on creating more of that. Therefore, if you want more “good” in your life that is what you need to focus on. That is why the practice of gratitude is so important. Focus on what you want to create more of.

Whilst the book talks about the stories we tell ourselves our words are only part of the picture. In Chapter 4: Your Vibes Speak Louder Than Your Words the focus is on your energy because “Your energy is your greatest source of power”. There is a strong emphasis on you receive the energy you put out and therefore you should focus on having a “loving high-vibe energy”. Gabrielle encourages the reader to lean towards joy, but for many people the problem is that “Leaning toward joy is not our default. But the more we practice this principle, the more natural it becomes.”



Overall, I was disappointed with The Universe Has Got Your Back. With so many women recommending this book I had very high expectations and as an Oprah lover I expected more from Gabrielle. However, the book does contain some very important lessons such as “The more love you bring to the world the more you will inspire others to live in love.”

 Whilst this wasn’t the book for me I would think it would be a good book for someone who is lost in their life purpose, who is struggling with what they are meant to do with life and looking for a way to turn it all around. Also, if you are someone is new to the world of Law of Attraction or want to learn more about connecting to the power of The Universe then it would be worth giving it a go.


Just because I didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean you won’t? Think The Universe Has Your Back is the book for you? Why not buy a copy for yourself?


Rather listen than read? The Universe Has Got Your Back is also available on audible.

Charelle Griffith

Charelle is book-loving Marketer, Success Coach and Founder of PropelHer. Charelle is passionate about personal development and blogs about non-fiction books. She also runs PropelHer's Book Club - a non-fiction book club for ambitious women.

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  1. Good review. Thank you. You have saved me from reading this book. There seem to be a lot of women looking for their “purpose”. In my humble opinion, if you look carefully you will find it in your daily life.

    1. Hey Katrina,

      Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed the review. There are a lot of women, and men, looking for their “purpose”. If you focusing on trying to find your purpose too much it can become infuriating and in most cases, I don’t believe we exist for just one thing.

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