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Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett



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For PropelHer’s Books Club I had always left the December slot empty so we could read a 2016 publication. The 2016 reading list included a number of classics so having something hot of the press would help balance that and hopefully have a fresh, totally relevant perspective. 

When I came across Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual (For a Sexist Workplace) I thought a manual for surviving in the office – what more could a modern day working woman want?

The Feminist Fight Club even has its own set of rules. 

Jessica states that “The goal of this book is to provide you with battle tactics“. The book is divided into 6 chapters:
1. Know The Enemy

2. Know Thyself

3. Boooby Traps

4. Get Your Speak On

5. F You, Pay Me

6. What Would Josh Do

I really liked the idea of a ‘Fuck-off fund’ which is “an emergency fund for when you can no longer deal – in a job, a relationship, a living situation, or otherwise”. I am known for advising women to have savings of their own, because money gives independence and will help you to say no to a job you don’t like, a partner you fall out of love with or many other situations. 

I particularly liked the chapter What Would Josh Do: Carry Yourself with the Confidence of a Mediocre White Man. Talk about saying it how it is! 

Obviously, to be successful in the workplace it is not just about simulating the behaviour of a man. The world is full of double standards and this definitely applies to women using some male tactics in the workplace. However, a bit of faking it till you make it, taking a few more risks and asking for what you want will help. 

Remember that “You get only what you ask for”. Your employee, manager and colleagues are not mind-readers so you need to ask. 

The book is full of play on words from “The Herfectionist” “Impost-hers” and “Femulate“. However, there is a section devoted to men because “men are crucial to this batttle”. 


Although Feminist Fight Club deals with a serious topic, the book is humorous and easy to read.  There are lots of illustrations, manifestos, pages to pull out and, on top of that, Jessica has a fabulous tone of voice.

Feminist Fight Club started as a real group of women in NYC, but it is a reality face by millions around the world and I am so glad Jessica shared their story.
I read Feminist Fight Club as part of PropelHer’s Book Club for Ambitious Women. We will be discussing the book on Monday 7th December. For more information and to join PropelHer click here.

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